Hamilton, Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint, Interior & Glass!

Is your vehicle too hot in the summertime? Want to avoid UV damage to your vehicle’s interior? The answer is Solar Controller in Hamilton. Our installers use security and UV-blocking window films from Llumar®, the industry leader in automotive window films.

While many brands offer just a five-year warranty, Llumar® films come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Using Llumar® PrecisionCut™ technology, each window film is computer generated and precision cut to ensure a perfect installation. This film is also completely colour-safe and will not change to yellow or purple over time.

Keep it Cool

Tinted solar films by Llumar® block up to 99% of UV rays, the primary cause of sweltering car interiors during the hot season. These films help to reduce your vehicle’s interior temperature by as much as 16°C (29°F). With a wide selection of colours and tints available, solar films can be installed on the side and back windows.

Get More Mileage

By reducing the need to run your vehicle’s air conditioning system, you will discover more comfort and more fuel savings.

Stay Safe & Secure

Llumar® automotive films are designed to keep glass shards from going airborne in the event of an automobile accident. This is due to the film’s high elasticity and performance adhesives. These features also help prevent “smash and grab” vehicle break-ins.

Protect Your Car Interior

Cracked, faded interiors are almost always caused by a combination of UV rays and heat. Llumar® solar films help to keep car and truck interiors looking as good as new. This not only enhances your satisfaction, but also adds tangible value if you ever decide to sell.

Protect Your Paint

Customers are amazed at the performance of Llumar® paint protection films. For one, they don’t crack, peel, or yellow like other paint protection systems, and they help defend your auto’s finish from scratches, gravel, road salt, and colour fading. You’ll also notice that these films are much clearer and more durable than other competing products.

To ensure long-lasting looks and quality, each Llumar® window
film is installed by a trained Solar Controller technician.
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we’re sure you’ll see the value of having window and paint films installed!

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