Hamilton, Save up to 40% on Energy Bills with a Window Film Install!

While many families are looking at energy-efficient appliances to reduce their heating and cooling costs, Solar Controller’s window films go to the source of the problem — your home’s windows. Solar and UV films installed by Solar Controller in Hamilton can cut heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%!

In addition to making your home more energy efficient, these films also provide added security, privacy, and curb appeal. The reduction in UV rays also help to reduce fading in framed photos, artwork, furniture, and carpets. These are all benefits that add real world value to your home and possessions.

Benefits of Window Films

The product may be a simple concept, but there are so many benefits that we’d like to go over a few. With a window film installation by Solar Controller, you can expect:

  • Up to 40% Reduction in Energy Costs
  • Reduction in Hot & Cold Spots (More Comfort!)
  • Fabric, Photo & Wood Protection from UV Rays
  • Security & Privacy Protection
  • Up to 87% Glare Reduction on TVs & Computers
  • Style Options (Etched, Opaque, Tints, Colours & More)

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