Hamilton Fragment & Security Window Films

You Won’t See it, but You’ll be Glad it’s There

Most likely you’ve come across polyester film in the form of retail packaging. Although it looks easy to rip, you probably found yourself struggling to even get a small tear started. That’s the magic of polyester film and why it works so well in security applications.

These films are so strong they are used to protect homes, government facilities, office buildings, and other structures in situations involving:

  • Flying Debris
  • Break-In Attempts
  • Explosions
  • Earthquakes
  • Windstorms
  • Street Fights
  • …and other intense impacts

Why Use a Window Film?

In a severe weather event, glass shards can become airborne and cause severe injuries similar to those of a knife attack. With these adhesive-backed, multi-layer polyester window films, the broken glass becomes trapped on the film, greatly minimizing any potential for harm. That is why these films are commonplace along the border of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, an area known as “Canada’s Tornado Alley.”

These films are easy to apply to new or existing window glass. Each security film provides a certain level of protection. The staff at Solar Controller can recommend the right film based on the potential hazards of your home or structure.

Beyond the safety benefits, these films also help to minimize heat loss and can also reduce the amount of UV rays entering through windows.

One Tough Film

Did you know? A single layer of polyester film has a higher ultimate tensile strength than human bone.

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A Film of Many Names

This type of film goes by many generic names, including:

  • Safety Film
  • Blast-Resistant Film
  • Security Film
  • Safety & Security Film
  • Mylar Film
  • Blast Curtain Film
  • Glass Protection Film
  • Shatter-Resistant Film
  • Fragment Retention Film
  • Anti-Terrorism Film
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